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Mini 6" Grapevine Wreath
This grapevine wreath is approximately 6" in diameter. Display your favorite cutouts, small ornaments, floral designs, the options are endless. Display the wreath on our metal wreath stand for a complete look.
Item # 101508
Retail : $ 1.49
Wood surfaces used in this book, pattern, or project....
Harvest Blessings Mini Wreath Wood
Item # 460-180s
Retail : $ 1.99
Must Be Halloween Mini Wreath Wood
Item # 460-181s
Retail : $ 1.99
Winter Greetings Mini Wreath Wood
Item # 460-183s
Retail : $ 1.99
Designs for this surface available in the following books....
Keeper of the Keys Santa
Item # 103418-sr08
Retail : $ 25.99
Books available that use or include this item....
Shara's Collections of Santas (CC)
Item # bkreiner08
Retail : $ 14.95
Your Price: $ 11.96
you save 19%

Metal surfaces used in this book, pattern, or project....
Rusted Metal Wreath Stand
Item # 101509
Retail : $ 8.99