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LED Tealights (pkg of 4)
Package of 4 bright LED T-Lites with bulbs that flicker like a real candle flame. Last for 30-40 hours, batteries included. Great for parties, holidays, weddings and more. Perfect for all of the 'tea light' patterns out there! *WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! ACTUAL SHIPPING COST MAY APPLY.
Item # 102683
Retail : $ 7.99
Wood surfaces used in this book, pattern, or project.... View all 4
Stack of Jacks Tea Light Holder - Wood
Item # 389-144s
Retail : $ 6.99
Wynter Birdies Ornaments (set of 3)
Item # 389-149s
Retail : $ 3.99
Twinkle Thyme Tea Light Ornaments - Wood Cutouts
Item # 389-123s
Retail : $ 8.99
Designs for this surface available in the following books.... View all 5
Penguin Tea Light
Item # 102660-cc02
Retail : $ 5.99
Snowman Tea Light
Item # 102661-cc02
Retail : $ 5.99
Santa Tea Light
Item # 102662-cc02
Retail : $ 5.99