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Simple Blessings Pear Ornament
Laser cut from 1/8" baltic birch, measures approximately 4" wide x 4 1/2" tall.
Painting instructions and pattern are in A Touch of Primsy 3 by Deb Antonick.
Item # 103783-da03
Retail : $ 1.59
Wood surfaces used in this book, pattern, or project....
Pear Ornament
Item # 103783
Retail : $ 1.59
Books available that use or include this item....
A Touch of Primsey 3 CLEARANCE
Item # bkantonick03
Clearance Price $ 7.00
Deb Antonick Newest Painting Books...
A Touch of Primsey 2
Item # bkantonick02
Retail : $ 13.95
Your Price: $ 11.16
you save 19%

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Item # 398-DEB17
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Snow Party Ornaments Pattern Packet
Item # 398-DEB21
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Snowie Cups Pattern Packet
Item # 398-DEB19
Retail : $ 8.00