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Stencil Inspired Faith Writing Words
Inspirational, Just Believe, Wish on a Star, Be Positive, Breathe, Open Your Heart, Create Good Karma, Blessed, Dream Big, Be Happy, Smile, Miracles Happen, Be Unique, Enjoy the moment, Achieve, Be Kind, Make a Wish, You Can Do It, Compassion, Inspired Faith, Embrace the day, Choose Joy
Item # bcs-332
Retail : $ 4.99
Laurie Speltz Newest Painting Books...
Great Outdoors and More (CC)
Item # bkspeltz49
Retail : $ 15.95
Your Price: $ 11.96
you save 25%

Laurie Speltz's Christmas Trimmings (CC)
Item # bkspeltz48
Retail : $ 14.95
Your Price: $ 11.96
you save 19%

Holiday Mix (CC)
Item # bkspeltz47
Retail : $ 14.95
Your Price: $ 11.96
you save 19%

Laurie Speltz Pattern Packets available for this...
1 2 3 ..........................30
Hocus Pocus Grooved Pumpkin Pattern Packet
Item # 110-566
Retail : $ 7.00
Into the Woods With Friends Pattern Packet
Item # 110-567
Retail : $ 7.00
Star Spangled Banner Palette Board Pattern Packet
Item # 110-568
Retail : $ 7.00