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Fun in the Sun
Sandra has painted the cutest designs on these fun 4x4 posts. She then took the same designs or parts of and painted them onto other surfaces. Use your imagination and have fun.
Acrylics, 48 pages.
Item # bkmalone30
Retail : $ 14.95
Your Price: $ 11.96 you save 19%
Designs for this surface available in the following books....
6" Wooden Tag (single)
Item # 103700-sm30
Retail : $ 1.39
Sandra Malone Newest Painting Books...
Let It Be Christmas
Item # bkmalone31
Retail : $ 14.95
Your Price: $ 11.96
you save 19%

Key to Christmas
Item # bkmalone29
Retail : $ 13.95
Your Price: $ 11.16
you save 19%

All Buttoned Up
Item # bkmalone27
Retail : $ 14.95
Your Price: $ 11.96
you save 19%

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Item # 690-JB086
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Item # 690-JB082
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Item # 690-JB080
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