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Holiday Mix (CC)
Laurie's newest Holiday book is going to be a favorite in your collection! There is something for almost every holiday and season, including Fall, Winter, Halloween and Christmas.
Laurie has incorporated mixed media, stamps, stencils and acrylic paint to achieve her great designs.
Acrylics, 40 pages, 9 projects plus some bonus projects for ornaments.
Item # bkspeltz47
Retail : $ 14.95
Your Price: $ 11.96 you save 19%
Wood surfaces used in this book, pattern, or project....
Snowman with Bird Cutout
Item # 103491
Retail : $ 2.99
Designs for this surface available in the following books.... View all 12
Welcome Fall Grooved Pumpkin
Item # 103231-ls47
Retail : $ 11.99
I Believe in Angels Grooved Tree
Item # 103229-ls47
Retail : $ 12.99
Melt My Heart/Peace Angel Grooved Heart
Item # 103435-ls47
Retail : $ 11.99
Supplies used in the book, pattern or project....
Stampendous Cling Delicate Snow Stamp (NET)
Item # stmp-013
Retail : $ 9.59
Laurie Speltz Newest Painting Books...
Holiday Mix 2 (CC)
Item # bkspeltz50
Retail : $ 14.95
Your Price: $ 11.96
you save 19%

Partners in Paint...Holiday Melody (CC)
Item # bkcombart95
Retail : $ 15.95
Your Price: $ 11.96
you save 25%

Great Outdoors and More (CC)
Item # bkspeltz49
Retail : $ 15.95
Your Price: $ 11.96
you save 25%

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